Friday, May 16, 2003

Wish they could take it back?
The Miami Herald explains how the jockey photo story came about. Also: In the Zone: Profile of jockey Santos.

Writing for blog commission: Freelance science writer David Appell is offering to write a story on Big Sugar on his blog if readers will pay him for it. What a concept! Could this be the beginning of something?

Annoying reminder: Starting today, all links to the reference and personal pages linked on left will no longer work if they go to an address. (Which means all hits to these pages on Google and other search engine links are probably dead.) The links here now go to If you have any of the old links (e.g. to the public records directory, the Iraq links, etc.) bookmarked they will no longer work unless the address is changed to Address of this blog ( has not changed. Note email to will also no longer work.


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