Monday, May 12, 2003

The Herald and the picture:
Amazing amount of animosity towards The Miami Herald for reporting on the 'suspicious' photo of jockey Jose Santos in the Kentucky Derby. People responding to the Herald's online forum on the topic express hope that the Herald will be sued, and demand apologies: the type gets bigger, shouting "CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION" and "APOLOGIZE NOW". Lots of readers are upset for Santos' young son. It's amazing how one story can ruin a newspaper's reputation. Of about 40 messages so far, only one suggests that the paper was only doing its job.
I've been suprised at how different various versions of the same photograph look; in the first I saw, and some since, the space definitely looks like there's a hard object in his hand. In other versions, it's clearly the green of the silks behind.
More on the controversy on the Churchill Downs website, with several hi-res versions of the photo.


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