Monday, May 12, 2003

Monday reaction:
Dave takes an example from the New York Times:

It has come to this blog's attention that, on a number of occasions, this blog may have written things that are not totally accurate. Also, on several occasions, this blog has linked to items that this blog knew for a fact were probably not 100 percent true. This blog wants you, the readers, to know that this blog does not tolerate this kind of irresponsible journalism, and intends to conduct a thorough investigation of itself, and then publish six pages of corrections in The New York Times, just as soon as this blog has some spare time and is out of beer. "

Editor and Publisher asks 14 unanswered questions about Jayson Blair.

And, yesterday I started to post to this New York Times story on the failure of new media, but found it uninteresting. JD Lasica found it error-ridden.

"Tamagotchi Journalism": A Working Model for Blog-based Reporting; story in Readme, NYU journalism school newsletter/blog.
"Unfettered by the concerns that have led major media outlets to staunch successful weblogs of reportage, a bank of blogging journalists billed as such could report freely, unconcerned about pissing off a corporate parent...Rather than let intransigent companies claim to provide our news even as they silence those individuals who do it, why shouldn't journalism undergo a paradigm shift? Blogs could reshape how we relate to those who would go reporting on their readers' behalf."


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