Saturday, May 10, 2003

The Weekly Update:
Catching up on two weeks' worth of links, lots of stuff this week.

The useful links....

  • Internet Sacred Texts Archive
  • British Library images online: amazing stuff.
  • E-Library of North Korea background materials.
  • Cell phone danger to aviation: report from UK's Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Baghdad history from al-Ahram Cairo weekly.
  • Census Facts for Features: Mothers' Day
  • Teen Lingo dictionary from a Baptist youth ministry.
  • my favorite road ever.
  • World SARS infection timeline and deaths map
  • Reefbase Global information on coral reefs.

  • ABC circulation figures, largest US papers in Wall St. Journal. NYT down, NYPost 'way up.
  • War dispatches from Ernie Pyle reprinted at U. Ill. j-school.
  • ReadMe newsletter and Weblog from journalism and communications department at NYU.
  • Unlocking URLs article by Greg Notess on using Web addresses.
  • UPI photo search: archives.
  • Wireless Libraries: find a library where you can get free WiFi Internet access. Unfortunately, only one in Florida, in St. Augustine.
  • Melissa Data free demographic lookups I've linked to this before, but worth a reminder: find things like ZIP codes in an area code, place name, street address and phone number lookups (find out where they are and demographic info), income tax statistics, lots more.
  • New databases in Nexis: Newspapers: Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum (OH) from 9/02; La Opinion (Los Angeles) 4/00; Marion Star (OH) 9/02; Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY) 12/86; Poughkeepsie Journal (NY) 10/02; General Anzeiger (Bonn), from 1/00; Business journals in Colorado Springs, Portland OR, Rochester NY, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Minneapolis, Idaho, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Long Island, New Orleans, Pueblo CO, St. Charles MO, Vancouver WA; UK Newsquest regional press (newspapers from the counties) 1/03. Public Records: Jury verdicts in AL, AR, MI, TN, NY.
  • Television archives Gary Price collects links to available archives: NPR, etc.
  • Political Notepad has reports from the presidential campaigns written by campaign staffers.
  • Patterns of Global Terrorism, 2002 latest report from State Dept.
  • Congressional Committee reports released by 107th Congress: includes McCarthy hearings in 5 separate volumes. If you open in PDF you can search.
  • We knew there'd be scandals compilation of stories about the Bush administration.
  • Sortable US Justice statistics now from BJS, some databases not in PDF format: Uniform Crime Reports, homicide trends, and management and administration stats.
  • World Economic Outlook database from IMF, latest stats on GDP, inflation, debt, by country. Updated April 2003.
  • CEO Compensation Report: 2003 from Forbes, with back reports back to 1997 for comparison.
    Public Records:
  • Miami-Dade Traffic Violation searches public search gets basic info. (If you sign up for premium searches you can: view detailed case history and hearing schedules, search by attorney number, issue date, bondsman number, bond number, and vehicle tag number, and store custom searches.)
  • How to identify military fakes good tipsheet on finding/using military records. More links for tips on Al's Morning Meeting.
  • Norwegian digital archives: a good genealogy resource.
    Florida: see Miami-Dade traffic violation search under Public Records.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Sen. Byrd does it again; his speech on Bush's use of military as props.
  • Geraldo speaks up: get his take on "the embedment controversy".
  • Baseball Blogs see what people are saying on their Weblogs.
  • Metapop a collaborative Weblog covering blogging and popular culture.
  • Off the Record a Weblog "of all the world's press clubs".
  • Dead Parrot Society interesting new group Weblog.
  • Web Diary a blog at the Sidney Morning Herald.
  • HIPAAblog for info on law's effect on medical privacy.

  • Another amusing (and timely) 404 error page. And another one.


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