Friday, May 09, 2003

Journalist news today:
Among mainstream media, only the BBC covers return of Salam Pax. This seems rather strange to me considering the attention he got earlier. Even stranger, the story he told about interviewing with the NY Times' John Burns disappears from his blog. Sheila covered it and tried to get something out of Burns about the interview, but he wasn't interested. Too bad. Everyone's been trying to identify this man and one of the world's top reporters actually had contact with him and didn't know the significance.

Another journalist killed in Iraq: Elizabeth Neuffer, Boston Globe, car wreck.

This is what happens when you stay in journalism too long: the son of a reporter I once knew as a Vietnam war correspondent reported from Iraq for the Chicago Tribune. Stories by Evan Osnos.
His father Peter Osnos is now a book publisher, with Public Affairs, publishing wonderful books. Two I've loved in last year: The Cat from Hue, by John Laurence, and First Job by Rinker Buck. Also published recently, Don Van Natta's First Off the Tee, about American presidents and golf, which I'm planning to read next.


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