Saturday, April 26, 2003

The Weekly Update, war fallout and more:
(Gone to the mountains where there'll be no Net connection. See you next week)

  • Lost Treasures from Iraq: compilation from University of Chicago.
  • Iraq's real most wanted, card deck of lost antiquities.
  • Search AP database of coalition casualites: search by name, type, place, etc. via Detroit Free Press.
  • Knight Ridder war blog shuts down.
  • Government views of Iraq links from City College, NY library.
  • US military casualties, Operation Iraqi Freedom list on SLA news division site, by state.

    And more useful links....

  • Sixties City history, lists, trivia, statistics, etc. from the 1960s from a British perspective.
  • National Ocean Service new NOAA site.
  • Search National Geographic Society publications. Includes journals, books, CD-ROMs.
  • The Handbook of Texas Online great online encyclopedia of history, people, towns, places, institutions.
  • Institute for the study of international migration at Georgetown.

  • Periodistas en coma new journalism forum in spain.
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
  • RAM Project: Refugees, Asylum seekers, and Mass media. in UK.
  • Google proximity search (within 1,2, or 3 words). This isn't available directly from Google: the only search engine with proximity is AltaVista, which has a 'near' search. (Note, AltaVista still has BabelFish -- the translation site is 5 years old!).
  • Modesto Bee archive of Laci Peterson stories
  • SARS Updates Agonist weblog is posting news/comments/links on SARS.
  • State budget cuts created child welfare crisis report from Children's Defense Fund.
    Statistics, Business, Public Records, People, Florida: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • The real story behind the Iraq playing cards on Sheila Lennon's blog on Providence Journal website.
  • Site Lines: a blog about Web searching.
  • Story on The state library of Florida and effort to save it, in Governing magazine.
  • Hartford Courant travel columnist Dennis Horgan ordered to stop his Weblog.
  • The battle for American science fascinating story in The Guardian. Similar story in Washington Post.
  • New Times on George Zirwas, the ex-priest murdered in Havana.

  • Bush regime playing cards.


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