Friday, April 18, 2003

Another victim of the war:
Since I don't see enough of this kind of reporting in most news sites, I feel compelled to continue drawing attention: this one by The Herald's Meg Lauglin, on a little girl....

And another topic I've been obsessing on, lately:
(Someone has to , and who better but librarians?) The looting of the Iraq museum The Art Newspaper has scanned a 1970s catalog and put images of all 300 objects there online.

I include this because, in how many U.S. papers would you see a column like this? Strong stuff: A prayer for George Dubya from SF Chronicle columnist Mark Morford. "All sources are telling me that you are more than a little outta control. Way out of line. Off-leash and lost and drunk on dreams of global supremacy and in deep need of major karmic spanking, a divine colonic.". Followed by: The Warmongers were right.

We had a pilot whale stranding in South Florida today: Short-finned pilot whale from, info on whales, dolphins and porpoises.


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