Monday, April 14, 2003

Stranger and stranger....
I'm puzzled. Have Americans become unusually sensitive? Why is everything these days construed as an attack on America? For example:
Reader reaction to Iraqi civilian casualty photos: In the Oregonian (Poynter story); in the Richmond Times-Dispatch; in the Hartford Courant.
Or this: I was only asking. Michael Wolff, in the Guardian, on why he asked what was the use of briefings at the $million press center in Doha, and how he got 3000 hate emails in response.
Next historians will be attacked for caring about this: The 2003 Iraq War and archaeology: about the looting of museums. Stories and photos. (added Tuesday: Yes, it it is happening. E.G. this message in reaction to an article on History News Network:
"You idiots who are are trying to demonize one of the most noble actions ever taken by this nation just can not stand it that you were ptoven wrong. Yes it is tragic that priceless antiquities have been lost. But out army was a little busy for the last few weeks. We just defeated one of of the greatest mass murderers of our time. The Iraqi people for the most part seem pretty happy about it. And all you clowns can do is whine and carp. Well you were wrong about the war and you lack the guts to admit it")
Very few seem to care about this: Will Ali die anyway? BBC story says he needs airlift--now.
But lots care about this: National thank you card for Jessica Lynch: sign up online.
And what about this? Cost of the war in Iraq a running total.
Strange days.


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