Thursday, April 10, 2003

Where are the victims?
Lots of discussion these days about how much war reality to show. Some thoughts, stories, and some of the photos we're not seeing in US newspapers, networks:
Images of war: Which ones do you show? oped piece in USA Today by Peter Howe.
E&P on coverage of civilian casualties.
When "precision bombing" isn't article by prof. Marc Herold, creator of Iraq Body Count; this story contains graphic photos of civilian casualties.
BBC on wounded children being helped in Kuwait (graphic photos). Also: In pictures: the human cost of the war.

For a firsthand account: Northern Iraq Weblog by Stuart Hughes, BBC producer who lost a foot in a land mine incident.
And more on Lori Piestewa: profile in the Guardian of first US woman casualty, Jessica Lynch's roommate.

Dirck Halsted's Visual Journalist website has great photo galleries and photojournalists' stories from Iraq.


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