Thursday, April 03, 2003

War. huh! Look out!
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothin'! Listen to me.

Ahhh war.
I despise, cause it means destruction of innocent life.
War means tears to thousands of mothers' eyes,
when their sons go off to fight and lose their lives

....RIP, Edwin Starr.

Online, your way:
The Miami Herald announced today the arrival of MyHerald, a new way of reading the newspaper online. It gives you two choices: choose Digital Edition, a PDF version of the entire paper so you can read it exactly as it appeared in print; or a Quickbrowse Edition, which gives you a story list to check stories you want to read, and provides the chosen stories in one easy-to-scan browser page.
Access to MyHerald is $5/month, but you can get a free 2-week trial now.
Using a dialup connection at home, I'm finding the main Herald page ( slower and slower to load with all the graphics. The page, however, is simple and easy to load; I don't know if the PDF version would be feasible on dialup, but Quickbrowse has always had the advantage of fast loading.
I can see how I might consider subscribing to myherald if I didn't already get the paper edition.......


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