Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Did you know....
This, about Basrah?
Basra takes its name from the great military camp, which was founded by the second Caliph Omar Bin al-Khatab in 637 AD near the present town of Zubair, to control lower Iraq and its sea approaches. From this military camp grew the first famous city of Basra, where philosophers, poets, historians and theologians founded important schools which profoundly influenced all Islamic thought and Arab literature.
It was called Basorah in the collection of Oriental folk tales known as the Arabian Nights. It is associated with the name of Sinbad the sailor (from "The Thousand and Nights"), for it was from here that he set out to his seven fabulous voyages. An Island close to the river bank bears his name.


Do it yourself war coverage: Boston Globe's Alex Beam on finding news you need on the Web. (Here's my list. And this one.)


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