Saturday, March 22, 2003

The Weekly Update: More war links and other helpful things.
Continuing with war links today (a few of these may have been mentioned earlier):
  • Al Jazeera on Nexis: the English Website is not up yet, but Nexis now has translated major stories going back to January 2002. Database is now up on dialup software version but will be on Web version March 24.
  • E-Media Tidbits Special War Edition comments on online coverage.
  • Florida antiwar organizations descriptions, phone numbers and email addresses; Florida Peace Events.
  • The Unfinished War CNN special report on Gulf War 10 years later has statistics, facts, useful info.
  • Iraq Media Dossier what's in the news from Iraq today, from BBC Monitoring via Radio Netherlands.
  • Covering news in wartime guides for journalists from Project for Excellence in Journalism.
  • War and Peace war on Iraq resources from Librarians' Index to the Internet.
  • Streaming audio & video news worldwide: newly updated compilation from Gary Price.
  • FAIR report on Network news pundits on the war.
  • Seattle Times war Weblog
  • How to tell if we're winning in Iraq by Fred Kaplan, in Slate.
  • Speech and Transcript Center: Gary Price is updating this again, now with current speeches/transcripts on the Iraq crisis, and has added some reference resources on the topic, too.
  • Iraq Body Count Database
  • Great Iraq coverage online links to the best from Cyberjournalist.
  • Your religion's stance on war from Beliefnet.

    And more useful links....

  • Airchive: "the Webseum of Commercial Aviation". Has old airline schedules and route maps.
  • Global Water Crisis reports, maps, stats from Nature.
  • Info on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) : CDC page; WHO report.
  • Operation Liberty Shield factsheet from Dept of Homeland Security.
  • 2002 Campaign Web Sphere Analysis studies how candidates "used the Web in the 2002 campaign to facilitate civic engagement, establish connections to other political Web sites through links".
  • Destination USA new US govt site on entering the US (
  • Bureau of Immigration and Citizenship Services new agency replacing INS.
  • Office of Personnel Management: Electronic Reading Room: On this page, a list of addresses/phones of top federal bureaucrats, in a straight text format, or downloadable Access database.
  • Common Cause report on Patriot Act and campaign contributions shows a major provision of the bill is to protect corporate wrongdoing...

  • Homefront Confidential: "How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public's Right to Know." From Reporters' Committee for Freedom of the Press.
  • Fast Facts for Congress Census makes stats easy for our Congresspersons.
    Public Records:
  • Marion Brechner Citizen Access Project database of information about public access laws nationwide, from U of Florida school of journalism and The Brechner Center. Also has laws, experts, much more.
  • Search for Georgia parolees.
  • Feedster this search engine (briefly called Roogle) searches RSS feeds, news and blog entries converted to XML for news aggregator software. Why use this? It may find news/comments too new to show up in Google.
  • Denied persons list downloadable database from Commerce Dept. Bureau of Industry and Security. Persons/companies denied export licenses.
    News, People, Florida: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Debbie Wolfe's Website: former researcher is training editor at St. Pete Times. Included here: IRE/NICAR tipsheets.
  • New Things: a Weblog ("things magazine is a bi-annual journal of new writing about objects, their pasts, presents and futures").

  • No fun this week.


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