Wednesday, March 19, 2003

News researchers provide help:
The News Division of the SLA (Special Libraries Assn) has posted Tim Rozgonyi's Iraq links, a very complete compilation. I know news librarians/researchers are scrambling to get links lists in place in their newsrooms; I have been keeping a list up for a few months (mostly linking to larger, better compilations...a version is here...), but this week have expanded and targeted the newsroom links. This list, from Tim, will help other researchers keep up. Thanks, Tim, and Jessica Baumgart, SLA news div's Webguru. (There are also links to Tim's lists on Sabrina Pacifici's BeSpacific law Weblog.)

And more on blogging: from today's post on Deborah Branscum's blog:
"As Scoop Nisker always said, if you don't like the news, go out make some of your own. So I hope you're blogging. Truly."


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