Tuesday, March 18, 2003

The Weblog war:
Here's how Kevin Sites sees it, after just a few days of blogging from Iraq:

"It's good to be in the blogosphere.
...Look at all of the people responding, because you put this blog out there. This experience has really made me rethink my rather orthodox views of reaching folks via mass media. Blogging is an incredible tool, with amazing potential. The feedback readers are posting motivates me to provide as much as I can for all of these folks hungry for first-hand info. "

Good list of more war blogs and correspondents' reports linked on the Cyberjournalist Great Iraq Coverage page linked below.....

Meanwhile, this has been discussed in other blogs but worth mentioning again: Americans are going to foreign news sources for coverage of war news; in Wired.

And, found in the Wired story: (Straight talk on media matters), Deborah Branscum's blog...her take: "Thus far the press has done a pretty shitty job of covering the US conflict with Iraq..."


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