Friday, March 14, 2003

Friday war links:
Food for thought: Bill Moyers interview with former NYT reporter Chris Hedges on what war REALLY means. "Our whole civil society is being torn apart. Once again, as is true in every war, the media parrots back the clich├ęs and jingos of the state. Imbibes and promotes the myth. In wartime, the press is always part of the problem." The PBS site has some good links on war reporting.
And, on this topic: Pentagon rules for the news media; also, a strange restriction in Kuwait via Nick Denton's blog.
For the toolbox: Newslab links for journalists: Internet Resources for Covering Iraq from NewsLab.
And: Guide to Iraqi Web Sites from Iraq Foundation (via Jeff Jarvis).
Another war blog: Kevin Sites CNN correspondent is blogging from Kuwait. Includes audioblogs.

Website roundups from Washington Post: Rallying online: story on pro-war Websites and Weblogs. Previous stories: Religious groups online for peace; Antiwar Websites overseas; Mobilizing online against war.

Happy birthday, Albert Einstein and Alan!


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