Monday, March 10, 2003

Uncovered news:
Living in a motorcycle racing-loving family, I hear complaints all the time about newspapers not covering this international, growing sport. This weekend was the start of the season and some of the most important races of the year, at Daytona. Not a word in my local (Florida) newspaper, or even a mention that the biggest race of yesterday was postponed til today because of rain. No wonder some people give up on newspapers. I know it's hard to cover everything, but it's what people go to papers for: news about things that are important to them.
In more moto racing news, British star of the 70's, Barry Sheene, died yesterday. Lots of people know this name. Will it be in the papers here? Doubtful. (We got to see Sheene race in a vintage race in England two years ago. My husband, a huge fan, was thrilled.)
End of rant. Making coverage decisions is difficult, I know. How do you do it all?

Afghan websites:
On another front, the first sites under the .af domain are coming online: Islamic Transitional State of Afghanistan , an official government site (at Also: A UN site based in Afghanistan.


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