Saturday, March 08, 2003

The weekly update:
Didn't get to posting much this week, lots of stuff going on. And with the temperature reaching 90 in Miami almost every day this week, rather discouraging. Hope it'll even out -- and cool off -- next week. Meanwhile, more of the same:
War, war and more war:
More things to add to the growing war resource lists:
  • Centcom leaflet gallery: Iraq images of leaflets being dropped by US forces.
  • UN statements posted by Gary here in fulltext as available.
  • Investigating Al Qaeda: Timeline useful resource from BBC.
  • Baghdad weather: historical averages from Washington Post. Current weather from Weather Underground.
  • The Pentagon's New Map Analysis, also in Esquire, by Naval War College analyst Thomas Barnett.
  • Standoff with Iraq complete coverage from Yahoo! News.
    And, mentioned earlier this week:
  • Beyond the Battle: Bringing global stories home site from American Press Institute has suggestions for local coverage of war, etc.
  • War on Iraq experts: at Duke; at Vanderbilt; at Harvard.

    And one good resource on another topic still in the news:
  • National Academy of Sciences: Shuttle and Space Station reports, searchable fulltext of books.

    And more useful links....


  • MusicMoz a giant directory search of everything to do with music.
  • The Pantheon resource for Greek mythology.
  • Baseball Library
  • Black Facts Online "your Internet source for Black history information".
  • Online Etymology Dictionary recently listed; new address. Find world origins.
  • National Sexuality Resource Center
  • Timeline of North Korea crisis from BBC.
  • Census Facts for Women's History Month.
  • Search for schools, colleges and libraries from US Dept of Education. New search page.
  • Ben's guide to U.S. government for kids from GPO.

  • New OJR column on war coverage.

  • Daypop news bursts see the most-reported news.
  • Foreign Media Summary US State Dept site summarizes news reports/themes.
  • Harvard Weblog News Aggregator news headlines, from major news sources and blogs, in a Web-based newsreader/aggregator. Very cool.
  • LisFeeds Web-based news aggregator for library news from websites/blogs.
  • The world's richest people: the latest Forbes list.
  • Census Facts for St. Patrick's Day.
  • World Oil Market and Oil Price Chronology, 1970-2001 from DoE.
  • OPEC: official website. Has daily market price and statistical data.
  • Federal Statistical Office of Germany in English.
  • Worldometers get world stats as they happen; covers population, environment, energy, etc.
  • Census 2000 information: school districts Census data on school district demographics.
    Public Records:
  • Final reports of the Florida study committee on public records
  • Search St. Louis freedom suits local circuit court has put over 300 slavery lawsuits online. (Or, search suits related to the Lewis & Clark expedition).
  • Wisconsin Name Index searches databases of newspapers, deaths, lots more genealogical sources.

  • Puerto Rico records: Corporations (only shows name, number, no officers or other info), and a directory of professionals.

  • Tools:
  • Google Hacks: Tara Calashain has been programming Google searches to make them easier. Here's Google Yellow Pages search. (Search Miami Herald FL and get 3 pages of results!) More on the Buzz Tool Box page and in the new book, Google Hacks.

  • InXight: history of space flight utilizes a new program from Xerox Parc that visualizes data: this one shows history of space flight under NASA. Very cool.
  • ...or try's version of an InXight database: find recipes by category.
  • Canadian Importers Database from Industry Canada.
  • Final reports of the Florida study committee on public records

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • World of Ends: What the Internet is and how to stop mistaking it for something else.
  • Bang for the Bucks fascinating 8-part series in OC Register about a plot to steal money from an illegal Richard Nixon campaign fund.
  • Fort Florida St. Pete Times (Sydney Freedberg) story on how Florida police departments have built huge arsenals from federal surplus.
  • Sun Sentinel story on unreported crimes in Palm Beach schools.
  • Sources of income for Saddam and sons fascinating report from Coalition for International Justice.
  • Garrison Keillor song about the Station fire.
  • Florida State Library protest slide show.
  • Don't read German? Who cares, with the beautful photos of Berlin on this photo weblog.
  • Weblogs ranked by popularity, from Organica e.g.Dave Barry's blog comes in near the top, with 450 other websites linking to him.
  • Daypop word bursts will show you topics that webloggers are writing about. A good way to identify new trends...also here: news bursts!

  • Amazing photo of Europe at dusk from satellite. the explanation below. The photo has been tweaked.
  • Are you good or evil? Take this test and find out.
  • Search the White House website, and see what you get...
  • Homeland Security logo contest entries...choose your favorite...
  • Thumb fun guide to text messaging shortcuts from ATT.


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