Monday, March 03, 2003

Back again: Still catching up on email, messages, and scanning what I missed last week. I have a long way to go, but will try to post some things during the week. Spent a lovely week in a log cabin in the mountains....cold and rainy, then sunny with hints of spring. I love the mountain views in leaves to block the vistas. Things happened. We are excited. More later.

Meanwhile, some research news:

  • Sheila Lennon and the Providence Journal have been providing invaluable help to people needing to know more about their local tragedy: The Station fire Web log has been posted outside the registration area of the Journal's Website. There's information from readers, on pyrotechnics, foam, information about victims, etc.
  • Poynter staff compiled previous links to Iraq war story ideas from the Morning Meeting column: Al's Iraq Meeting. These have been indexed for easy browsing.
  • Resource Shelf's Gary Price has created a new site for more detailed links lists, called Resource Shelf Extra. This one is devoted to patent databases/information.
  • San Jose Mercury News photographer Pauline Lubens has started a Weblog of her photographs and experiences covering the mobilization in the Gulf.
  • Newslib listserv correspondents posted links to War on Iraq experts: at Duke; at Vanderbilt; at Harvard.


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