Thursday, February 20, 2003

And on it goes....
The Florida library petition now has over 12,000 signatures...and good links to coverage of the Jeb Bush fiasco continue to appear on Florida blog and Florida politics. Along with links to stories about a $7.5 million Web contract to a company that promised to hold a job for Noelle Bush, and a threat to eliminate the state auditor's office that criticized a cozy mining deal....
Would you like medical news in your newsreader? Medscape now offers RSS feeds of medical/health news.
Gene Weingarten, formerly Dave Barry's editor at the Miami Herald's lost lamented Tropic Magazine, may be one of the funniest writers around. Here he interviews the author of the "worst novel ever published in the English language".
Via Gary, New unclassified maps of Baghdad, Iraq, Mideast can be downloaded from Natl Imagery and Mapping Agency.


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