Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Strange goings-on:
I sign on this Wednesday morning, and find strange things in the news (not in my morning paper): an assassination in Serbia, the Great Lakes freezing over. Bad omens. When I was a kid, growing up just a mile or so from Lake Ontario, the last anyone could remember the lake freezing was in the mid-'30s (although Ontario isn't one of the lakes freezing now...despite being the smallest).

And, of course, in my morning paper: Mother of all bombs. It was the first test of the weapon, which could be dropped on Iraq to deliver a blow as devastating psychologically as physically. U.S. military officials and civilian analysts said the timing of the test was not coincidental.
"It has a lot of shock and awe to it," said Harlan Ullman, ..."
. Oh good. So we drop it over Florida just to try it out. We can take it.

Meanwhile, it's still unseasonably hot in Miami. March is usually the best month here, with temps in the low 70s and warm breezes. This year, it's in the high 80s and we have the AC on. It's so cold at work I need a jacket every day, and I've come down with a roaring cold. All these things make me uneasy. As if the months of warmongering haven't already made us all a little insane.....

Meanwhile, Poynter adds to the useful war coverage links with an Iraq Resources page which pulls together their coverage suggestions/links with links to other resource pages at other organizations.

And, in war blogging news, the newspaper site has started breaking news Weblogs, including War in Iraq, by Jeff Jarvis.


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