Saturday, March 15, 2003

The weekly update:
This week, as usual lately, dealing with disturbing issues in the news. As librarians and other people who deal with information learn to deal with new privacy restrictions, help is coming from various organizations. From the librarians at UC Berkeley, a resource: U.S. Patriot Act resources from LII -- Librarians' Index to the Internet. And from the Special Libraries Association (which may not have that name much longer): SLA's Patriot Act portal.

And, for those putting together war toolboxes, this week's war collection, including things pointed to earlier in the week:

  • US Reserve Activations state-by-state info from AP.
  • Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms over 700-page PDF book.
  • Newslab links for journalists: Internet Resources for Covering Iraq. Lots of other great tips for coverage of all sorts of topics on Newslab main page.
  • Guide to Iraqi Web Sites from Iraq Foundation (via Jeff Jarvis).
  • Middle East Key Maps useful maps from BBC. Also: Iraq Navigator interactive maps of Iraq, Baghdad.
  • Iraq Resources: Poynter pulls together all the resources on their site, as well as links to resource links from other journalism organizations.
  • L.T. Smash messages from the front (an anonymous reserve officer).
  • Al Qaeda and the Internet report from a US Army analyst.
  • George Bush interview in Times...not in agreement with his son on war....
  • Salam Pax: a weblogger in Iraq tells how people are coping.
  • Back to Iraq a weblog by journalist Christopher Albritton, former NY Post reporter who traveled in Kurdistan and wants to go back.

    And more useful links....


  • Enrich UK, devoted to good things being done with lottery money. This includes a huge collection of databases: Among them: Historical church plans online; Old Bailey Proceedings Online, 1674-1834; the British Pathe and other newsfilm archives; Ten Generations: London Life 1700-2000; multimedia transport histories; an immigration archive; Plimsoll digital maritime archive; Black Presence: Sources for Black and Asian History in the UK, 1550-1850; lots of local history resources, and much more.
  • Food Routes: Click on Find Good Food, put in your ZIP code and get local growers, farmers markets, etc. Also has a documents library, etc.
  • Academic Info This high-quality online resource directory has a section on Iraq Studies.
  • Directory of maps, geography resources online from EKU Geography dept.
  • download digital music here (fee); also has free Reference material: biographies, pictures, glossary, and free music to listen to...
  • Food and Nutrition Information Center from USDA.
  • Author Yellow Pages locate authors' websites, etc.
  • Top 100 Websites from PC Magazine.
  • New Yorker: The Film File 10 years of movie reviews.
  • US Dept of Education: Emergency Planning help for schools on homeland security.
  • from Library of Congress, has info on 2004 candidates' websites, an analysis of the 2002 elections, research on elections and media issues, and link to the 2002 Web archive.
  • Election 2002 Web Archive from the Library of Congress' Minerva web archive, now you can see Websites as they existed then.

  • Math and Statistics Toolbox for Journalists has tipsheets to print out for reference on calculating percentages, averages, etc. From St. Pete Times' Debbie Wolfe at No Train No Gain website.

  • New newspapers in Nexis: Bucyrus Telegraph Forum (OH), from 9/02; Californian (Salinas), from 6/02; Coshocton Tribune (OH), from 9/02; Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, LA), from 7/02; Daily Times, Salisbury MD, from 8/02; Herald Times Reporter (Manitowac, WI), from 5/02; Ithaca Journal (NY), from 7/02; Lancaster Eagle Gazette (OH), from 10/02; Mansfield News Journal (OH), from 9/02; Marion Star, OH, from 9/02; Montgomery Advertiser, from 9/02; New Zealand Herald, from 11/02; Newark Advocate (OH), from 9/02; News Herald (Port Clinton, OH), from 9/02; News-Messenger (Freemont, OH), from 9/02; Poughkeepsie Journal (NY), from 10/02; Statesman Journal (Salem, OR), from 6/02; Tulare Advance-Register (CA), from 8/02; Visalia Times-Delta (CA), from 8/02; Zanesville Times-Recorder (OH), from 9/02.

    Also: business/legal journals from several cities: New Orleans, Colorado Springs, Portland OR, Rochester NY, Milwaukee, Hampton Roads VA, Minneapolis, Idaho, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Long Island, Pueblo, St. Charles MO, St Louis, Vancouver WA.
  • Australian Newspapers Online: exhaustive list from National Library.
  • Foreign-Born Population of the US latest Census report, press release leads to fulltext.
    Public Records:
  • The Virtual Chase: Criminal records description of each state's available criminal records online. Good explanation of limitations, but may not be complete, as it doesn't have FDLE background check searches in the Florida section. (Interview with Virtual Chase's Genie Tyburski at Marylaine Block's Ex Libris site.)
  • New public records in Nexis: Alabama Corporations, Kansas boats, North Dakota motor vehicle registrations.
  • Google News: did you know you can search by source? Simple, search source(miami herald) to get only stories from that source. Also, for easier searching of Google News, use Tara Calashain's Google News Google Hack.
    People, Business, Florida: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Dan Gillmor's E-Journal at Mercury News has moved.
  • Another Pentagon Papers case?
  • How the US (with UK, Israeli backing) put Saddam in power 40 years ago (France, Germany opposed). By Roger Morris in NYT.
  • Microfilm Follies: Old ads rescued from a dying medium Star-Tribune columnist James Lileks has collected these on his browsing expeditions in the library.
  • Lex Alexander the Greensboro features editor and CAR specialist has a Weblog.

  • Iridescent clouds
  • The Gashleycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey.
  • Technology for Country Folk (via Presurfer)


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