Wednesday, March 19, 2003

More hot war stories/links (or not so hot):
  • Covering news in wartime guides for journalists from Project for Excellence in Journalism.
  • 3-d map of Iraq You'll have to install software from this Jutland Post news site to see the map. Buttons below map control view. Best one: "Flyv Irak Rundt" to fly around the entire country. (Click and move to move around, right click and move to zoom).
  • Arms and the Man new Weblog subtitled: "Who's Making A Killing On Killing In Iraq?" from someone called "Major Barbara".
  • Reserves and National Guard callups, March 19.
  • Michael Moore's letter to George Bush.
  • Angry weapons inspectors in Mercury News.
  • Mark Lane's column in Daytona News-Journal on "War doofuses".


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