Monday, March 24, 2003

It doesn't stop....
More war links:
  • An English version of Al Jazeera's Website is now up. They say it's a "temporary site".
  • The Philosopher of Islamic Terror Did you ever hear of Sayyid Qutb? Is he behind it all? In NYT magazine.
  • U.S./Coalition Casualites names, ranks, hometowns, details, from CNN.
  • What about Guantánamo? in Deborah Branscum's blog.
  • Jupiter Research: Iraq War Weblog discusses effect of war on business.
  • Halliburton makes a killing on Gulf War from Corpwatch.
  • Profile of Uday Hussein from Sports Illustrated (he heads Iraq's Olympics committee).
  • On Fratricide from Army Center for Lessons Learned.
  • Shock and Awe the original book from National Defense University, 1996.
  • War news Web pages Poynter started collecting front pages last week after start of war.
  • French's mustard is not French it's a sad day in America when a press release like this has to go out....

    ...and more....

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