Monday, March 24, 2003

Things change by the moment:
Radio Netherlands has moved its Iraq media coverage to a new Radio Weblog, at

Sean Paul Kelley at The Agonist Weblog is giving the TV networks a run for their money as he monitors news with a couple dozen browsers open. An incredible job.

In another mass blogging enterprise, The Command Post has several correspondents posting links to news/analysis. And another, similar enterprise at Winds of Change, which also includes a posting called "Essential War Briefing" with links to timeline and military and weapons analyses.

Salam Pax is back online after a couple days of no Internet access in Baghdad.
"Today’s (and last night’s) shock attacks didn’t come from airplanes but rather from the airwaves. The images Al-jazeera is broadcasting are beyond any description. First was the attack on (Ansar el Islam) camp in the north of Iraq. Then the images of civilian casualties in Basra city. What was most disturbing are the images from the hospitals. They are simply not prepared to deal with these things. People were lying on the floor with bandages and blood all over. If this is what “urban warefare” is going to look like we’re in for disaster. "


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