Saturday, March 29, 2003

The Weekly Update: Nothing but War (nearly)
Mostly useful links added this week:
  • Iraq: Toward Liberation from US State Dept. Has Briefing transcripts from State, Whitehouse, Defense, Centcom...
  • Military domains search engine.
  • Why Another War? Backgrounder on the Iraqi crisis good background, PDF pamphlet. From Middle East Research and Information Project.
  • Builder of Saddam's bunker says it can't be destroyed built by a German company...from PressText Europe.
  • Background on RFA Sir Galahad British humanitarian supply ship (replaced a ship lost in Falklands).
  • Military Operations on Urban Terrain from Army Center for Lessons Learned.
  • U.S. Military Units factsheets, lists, links to Websites, etc. from Globemaster, a German site.
  • Terms describing American military units from Gulf War Briefing. Both of these suggested by Al's Morning Meeting.
  • Also on Al's page: Information about how to send acceptable packages to soldiers overseas.
  • Why were're losing helicopters, not planes from the Daily Standard.
  • The War on the Web, from Slate: Part 1 (March 19); Part 2 (today).
  • Media Map of Iraq: where the journalists are from Poynter.
  • World and America watching different wars in Christian Science Monitor.
  • Shaking Hands with Saddam report/documents on US relations with Iraq in 1980s, from National Security Archive.
  • Oil-for-Food UN page on the Iraq program.
  • UK Online: Gov't site has situation reports, humanitarian info...
  • War jargon from the Guardian.
  • Eye on Iraq: from Center for Defense Information. Includes Daily updates.
  • ReliefWeb: Iraq documents including UN Humanitarian reports, etc.
  • Human Rights Watch Report, 1991: Needless deaths in the Gulf War.
  • Natick Soldier Center has a lot of info on urban warfare.
  • Defense briefing transcripts.
  • Strategy Page is keeping up on locations of military units, including maps....
  • DigitalGlobe Iraq Gallery high-resolution satellite images available for download (if credited).
  • MEDLINE special report: chemical weapons.
  • The Geneva Conventions.

    And more useful links....

  • Coverage of SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) from Medscape.

  • Times Watch new Website critical of New York Times.
  • Pushing Numbers article in Quill on Computer Assisted Reporting by Lou Rom.
  • Florida Wetlands from UF.
    Statistics, Public Records, Tools,Business, Governments/Politics, News, People: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Gary Hart: Weblog
  • The Daily Czech best blog address this month (, from a Czech journalist.

  • Mark Fiore has done amazing animated cartoons on the coming war. It continues. Latest: "Congratulations".
  • Make a drawing and save it as a PDF: amazing!
  • The Chairman Smiles: Posters from the former Soviet Union, Cuba and China.
  • Iraqi Idol: silliness.
  • Face of the pro-war movement? in Oliver Willis' Weblog.


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