Thursday, March 27, 2003

A busy day:
Full of war links/articles:
  • Saddam's War from Newsweek. Among the strategies listed here: Saddam has bought thousands of US military uniforms for his forces.
  • War could last months, officers say in Washington Post.
  • Practice to Deceive: Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks' nightmare scenario--it's their plan. new article in Washington Monthly.
  • "Dear Raed" Transcripts: Salam's Diary all the last month's posts together in one page from The Guardian.
  • Cheney on quick liberation, March 16 from Daily Kos. (When I saw this interview, I wondered what kind of wacky weed Cheney'd been smoking.....)
  • First Woman soldier casualty from Daily Kos
  • The threat to world heritage in Iraq list of threatened archaelogical sites. Background here; and BBC story.
  • Sacred sites of Iraq from Beliefnet.
  • What can you do to support the troops? compiled at Winds of Change.
  • Iraq TV Update technology writer Paul Boutin is keeping track of how to access Iraq TV. Is it up, or not? Instructions here (if it's working).
  • The Paper Chase Jurist's Weblog is covering legal aspects of war.
    And: The Onion on Iraq War.


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