Saturday, April 05, 2003

The Weekly Update: good news on the Florida Library:
The Florida House has killed the governor's plan to dismantle it.
"The Broward County Commissioners said they didn't want it. So why take something we want here and put it somewhere where it's not wanted?" said Kilmer, whose North Florida district encompasses much of Leon County, home of the state capital.
"It's a dead issue,'' Kilmer said. ``Isn't that cool?" "

And, of course, another war dump:
  • Today's Cartoons from Arab media via Al Jazeera.
  • Metaphor and War fascinating analysis.
  • Americans look to the Web for war news analysis, link to the Pew report.
  • Good, HUGE Baghdad map JPG from Sky News.
  • Mother of all war Websites news feeds from Mideast, etc.
  • English Al-Jazeera website now back online after hacker attacks took it offline for days.
  • International Committee for the Red Cross: Iraq has daily bulletins.
  • Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions from SPJ.
  • Iraq's Cultural Heritage report with photos from Guardian.
  • Political cartoons abroad Wash Post links to several on war.
  • More cartoons at Darryl Cagle's site on Slate.
  • Military online: story with links to units in Iraq/Mideast, from Washington Post.
  • World Reax Weblog tracking world opinion on war from MSNBC.
  • Peter Arnett's first column for the Mirror: This war is not working.
  • How the war unfolded day-by-day chrono of the war from Daily Telegraph.
  • National Commision on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.
  • War with Iraq: costs, consequenses long report from American Academy of Arts and Sciences, December 2002.
  • Who is Jay Garner? the man who will run Iraq? in the Observer.
  • Iraq Around the Clock roundup of 24-hour news and other useful Websites for war coverage, from Information Today.
  • Cheney and Halliburton: making money on war/terrorism? story in Moscow Times with links to lots more news/magazine articles.

    And more useful links....

  • Storm Events Database from NOAA. Search for storms by state, type, date. Covers storms from 1950 through 2002.
  • Experts on SARS from Newswise.
  • Yahoo! Full Coverage: SARS
  • incredible history page.
  • Time Covers 80-yr database now joins the database of Life covers. Search or browse by date.

  • Pulitzer finalist list? from E&P.
  • LA Times photog fired for combining two photos: the photos.
  • new legislature Website.
  • Jesse S. Wooley's Florida photographs taken by a visitor from New York in 1896 and 1920s and 1930s.
  • Miami Dade city clerks list from county elections dept. has links to city websites.
  • National Transportation Statistics, 2002.
    Public Records:
  • Exemplaris: purchase federal court transcripts online.
  • Florida Press Club is sponsoring another of Joe Adams' great public records seminars, on April 26 in Tampa. You can register here. This is highly recommended. (Note: another one will be coming up May 17 in Naples, according to an email from Joe....)
  • Miami-Dade county's civil court search now has "Premium Search" available. It allows more specific searching, and downloading of images of selected filings. Sign up for subscriptions starting at $5. Also available: Recording Index (but no images yet). Traffic is to come.
  • News Desk new RSS/XML reader from Wildgrape.
  • Fortune 500 latest list online.
  • Terrar Fresh Search claims to search just latest news, Weblogs, etc.
  • WiseEye new news site search searches just headlines.
    Governments/Politics, People: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Paperfrog Florida-based blog (Pensacola).
  • Shattered Buddha another Florida-based weblog.
  • News Gorilla new Weblog by author of BONG: Burnt-out Newspapercreatures Guild.....(Charley Stough).
  • How affirmative action helped George Bush in Time.

  • Military humor: some pretty funny photos.
  • The poetry of Donald Rumsfeld in Slate.
  • Beautiful photographs of the globe in the old NY Daily News bulding lobby....


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