Friday, April 04, 2003

Lots of photos of you-know-who:
In a changeover that happened this morning, I think, the Florida Legislature site at now leads you to a separate link to the House's website,, the new site heralded by Speaker Johnnie Byrd. Speaker photos are prominent, here, to say the least (our Florida leaders like to put their photos on their Websites).
There is some new stuff on this site (including bill tracking by email subscription), but in general, not sure why this was necessary. The old "Online Sunshine" site gave us all we needed from the legislature in one place. I don't even see a link to the Senate here; the Senate's website, at retains the Online Sunshine look (without any personal photos).
(Note, links from still go to the old House page.)

More scary Florida news
Ann Coulter is moving to Miami. Some reasons:
"I need to sit on the beach and drink piña coladas with little umbrellas for a while to recuperate. Perhaps I will have a cigar with my piña colada -- which is still legal in Florida. And of course, [gossip columnist] Matt Drudge is in Miami -- as well as lots of swarthy, patriotic Cubans: the nation's best Americans."

World's heritage, threatened:
Cradle of Civilization at Risk lots of background info on Iraqi historical treasures.

More coverage from the front:
The Herald's Juan Tamayo on the man who tipped the military about Jessica Lynch's whereabouts.
And Meg Laughlin with another heartbreaking story about combat wounded. More from Meg.
More Herald coverage.


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