Saturday, April 12, 2003

The Weekly Update, more war links and more:
  • Iraqi Timeline from the Washington Post, day-by-day timeline of the war with links to stories.
  • What Iraqis want by assassinated Shiite leader Abd al-Majid al-Khoei in the National Review.
  • Who's who in Iraqi opposition: From BBC; from PBS.
  • Saddam and the destruction of Iraqi society, a BU dissertation from 1997.
  • British casualties in Iraq list w/ bios from Times.
  • 4/8 casualty list (includes journalists) from Reuters. (This seems to be last full casualty list. For daily updates, go to main Reuters Iraq pageand look for 'latest Iraq snapshot'.)

    And more useful links....

  • Charting and Navigation links to maps, charts, etc. from NOAA.
  • Top Ten Reasons to use a library or information center from SLA.
  • National Archives' Archival Databases 50 million documents scanned and online.
  • Online catalog of Jamaican records from National Library of Jamaica.
  • Classic Reader read, search download, annotate fulltext classic books online.
  • Google Movies: someone has used Google technology to create a movie review search.
  • Summer gasoline outlook.

  • For Fact Checkers and Copy Editors nice guide/resource list from Barbara Semonche at UNC Journalism library.
  • International Federation of Journalists: on the journalist attacks in Iraq.
  • Newspaper minority employment study for ASNE by Steve Doig and Bill Dedman.
  • "for journalists, by journalists".
  • Pulitzer Prize winners links to available stories online compiled by Gary Price.
  • News University new journalism training portal from Knight Found/Poynter (under construction).
  • Doug Clifton, Editor of the Year.
  • Hold on to your notebooks! UT pays $5 million for Woodward and Bernstein's
  • Florida Department of Health: SARS
  • The New York State Social Indicator Project: Mapping New York.
  • The New Yahoo! Search more like Google? a preview.
  • Yahoo! Products Search like Froogle from Google, search for products to buy online with comparative prices.
  • Flight Tracker has changed its address since bought Use this to track a flight by flight number or cities. Use graphical version to see flight on map. Another recommended site:, also has Canadian flights. (via Gary Price).
  • Baseball Salaries: searchable database from USA Today.
  • Digging for Data on Subsidiaries Information Advisor newsletter on how to find company data online, in PDF.
  • History News Network from GMU Center for History and New Media.
  • Medline Plus: SARS News, guidance, links from NIH.
  • SARS Watch: a Weblog collecting news/info from around the world.
  • SARS headlines from around the world, from 1st Headlines.
  • Cuba: Massive Crackdown on Dissent Amnesty International report issued 4/3/03.
    Public Records, People: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • The secrets of Drudge, Inc Business 2.0 on how he makes his money (a lot).
  • tracks trends, has news about Weblogs.
  • Making the News Dan Gillmor (, Merc News) is writing a book about how online is changing journalism. He wants input.
  • Was the Saddam statue scene staged? there's some discussion.....
  • Wesley Clark: political ambitions? in American Prospect.
  • Back to Iraq: journalist/blogger Chris Albritton has made it to Kirkuk.
  • Free Mike Hawash!
  • Broward New Times story on South Florida anti-war workers threatened.

  • New Iraqi dinar?
  • Saddam's Weblog
  • Saddam, Iraq souvenirs on EBay
  • Iraqi Acres Get your share!


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