Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Gatherings (useful and/or interesting):
Sree gives high marks to, in his Poynter column....(note i mentioned MyHerald here a few weeks back...)

Translation of Doonesbury French strip on Doonesbury website.

The Bookie of Virtue Washington Monthly story on William Bennett and gambling.

Citing Google does the phrase "iraq war" really get 3.2 million hits? Only if you don't use the quotes....and then you're not searching that exact phrase. Be careful if you do this. Jonathan Dube tells you how to do it right.

American Presidency Project at UCSB, has Public Papers of the Presidents from Hoover to Ford, and some Carter and Bush papers. Also: political platforms, inaugural addresses, FDR's fireside chats, and documents relating to the 2000 election.

Best of Reference 2003: list of books, websites from NY Public Library.

Challenger shuttle: Congressional investigation: includes previous space investigations back to 1970 Apollo study.


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