Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Random Wednesday gleanings:
(Photo posted here no longer online): The monument to Rick Rescorla in his hometown of Hayle, Cornwall, looking good in the spring flowers. (from Cornwallcam). (Remember Rick? A Vietnam -- and Sept. 11 -- hero.)

Speaking of 9/11: An interesting day; fascinating analysis of GW Bush's actions on Sept 11 2001. Was there an assassination attempt in Sarasota that day? From Center for Cooperative Research. Also here: extensive, heavily researched 9/11 Timeline.

I love this: Blogging News Headlines this new service lets you look up news reported on Weblogs by category, or feed them to your newsreader (XML icon). (via Metapop)

Napa Valley travel blog Seattle Times editor blogs a trip to the wine country. How's this for a new way to cover travel? Before the trip was over, he was stopped by people who wanted to know if he was the blogger. Talk about impact... (via Cyberjournalist).

Interesting: In blogs we trust why getting your news from Weblogs may be no less accurate than getting it from the New York Times. From a blog called "The conspiracy to keep you poor and stupid" by Donald Luskin.

And: Seems to me the terrorists have won. Americans keep attacking each other. Examples: Deck of Republican Chickenhawk ('most wanted') cards; "The Deck of Weasels". And responses to Kurt Vonnegut's speech on Mark Twain and conservatives: Strange weather lately (comments below). It just seems like every forum or comments list I look into lately elicits snide remarks, attacks, and character assassinations. Have we been overcome by the Jerry Springer syndrome?


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