Saturday, March 08, 2008


Wonderful memoir by Dick Cavett, in his New York Times column, about William F. Buckley: A Most Uncommon Man.

Speaking of uncommon: there's an obituary in the Miami Herald today of Kaye O'Bara (headline is spelled wrong), who cared for her daughter since she went into a coma in 1970. Tere Figueras Negrete does a wonderful job with this story, but reading this makes me wish Charlie Whited was still alive....the Herald columnist wrote frequently about the O'Baras until his untimely death from cancer several years ago. Edwarda O'Bara website.

And, a cautionary note for all those global warming naysayers out there (you know the ones, who every time there's a snowstorm delight to say 'what global warming?', from the Christian Science Monitor:
Whatever global-warming models may suggest about the futures of Earth's climate, one thing is certain: Global warming never promised to eliminate winter, especially for those living outside the tropics.
(Via Ashvegas.)


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