Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Noted today:

At Mother Jones, a powerful featured report, Torture Hits Home, with new update on torture in the Iraq War Timeline. (It also includes the 'Torture Playlist' I linked to last week.)

At Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi profiles John McCain: McCain Resurrected.
... McCain's entire career has been dedicated to the idea that America must always have the right to solve its problems by force. Throughout his political career, he has argued for increased use of force in virtually every military engagement the U.S. has been involved in since Vietnam.
The conservative blogs are all over this because of Taibbi's characterization of one of their own:
From the battering that McCain is taking lately from the likes of Limbaugh and skanky bitch-whore Ann Coulter, who vowed to campaign for Hillary if McCain gets the nomination, one wouldn't know that most of his supposed crimes were actually based on conservative principles.

Leonard Pitts: President Average Joe really not one of us.

The Sun-Times investigative team: Sen. Obama, time to call us about Rezko: (312) 321-2417.

Walt Handelsman's animated cartoon at Newsday: Frisky Business.

Steve Earle (Walon, from The Wire) plays Toronto....

Depressing thoughts from Doc Searls:
...there is no overstating the ability of the Democrats to shoot themselves in their feet, and settle on a doomed candidate come convention time. The ghosts of McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry — and even Gore and Carter — loom large. Obama can win, mostly because he has so many positives and he isn’t hated by Republicans. Hillary can’t.
So then the only question that remains is who McCain will choose as his VP candidate. Because, as of this morning, McCain and that guy (it won’t be a woman) will likely be our next two presidents.

Also, from yesterday, Doc's thoughts about the future of energy: Can life keep up with death?



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