Saturday, March 01, 2008

Weekend roundup

More research links and other interesting things found this week.

I liked this, in the New York Review of Books: The Charms of Wikipedia, by Nicholson Baker. He always gets to the heart of the question, even reviewing a 'how to' book.

And this, now on the blogroll: Miami Every Day Photo, a photo blog by Lan Nghiem-Phu. I always wanted to do a Miami photoblog, tried to add new photos to my blog at least once a week when I was working there, but wasn't out enough to get really good photos all the times (Same problem I have with my Southern Highlands Cam blog now). And I've been looking for a Miami photoblog all this time. This one is the first one that fits. And it helps that the photos are from my old neighborhoods, a lot of the time. This picture looks like my old street. And it's nice to see the mango trees are blooming.....

The other links:

  • All About Jazz; Musician Center now has over 15,000 musician profiles.
  • Maps I like this for its quick reference to state maps by county, highways, cities, rivers, altitude. Also: World maps.
  • My Newsroom toolbox page of quick reference links for journalists has been updated, all links fixed, and I'm adding new tools to the lists.

  • The Global War on Terrorism: An Assessment from Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments. From summary: "While the US has had many tactical victories since (2003), they have been offset by the metastasis of the al Qaeda organization into a global movement, the spread and intensification of Salafi- Jihadi ideology, the resurgence of Iranian influence, and growth in the number and influence of radical Islamist political parties. The threat has, on balance, intensified in Southwest Asia, South Asia, and Europe"
  • Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2007 The annual report updated.
  • New NOAA study on increasing hurricane damage: due to growth of coastal areas, not intensifying storms, it says.

  • County and City Data Book, 2007, new from Census.
  • UN Data: new search engine searches for data throughout UN sites.
  • U.S. Religious Landscape Survey from Pew Forum, new statistics on belief and affiliation.

  • Gigablast: new design, features for this megasearch engine.

    Public Records:
  • Miami-Dade Corrections: Inmate Search, with photos.
  • My Public Records links page has been updated, including some of the Florida records.


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