Monday, February 25, 2008

Cuba links

The Cuba links page has been moved, and I spent a good bit of time this weekend updating it. It's only about half done but the most important sections -- internal official sites, directories, news, etc. -- are done. If you've used the old page, change your bookmarks. So far I've just fixed the bad links, so there will be many more changes as I find new things.

I had thought I wouldn't find lots of changes but most of the government pages had changed their URLs so required new searches to find them. Reminds me of when I was updating Florida government links and had to change them about every 2 years or so. Why can't governments stick to the URLs they start with? Also, many of the anti-Castro groups I had linked have disappeared, at least their Web pages have.

The page was a shorter version of a links collection I compiled when needing it for my news research job back in Miami. It's been interesting over the years, seeing how what information is available on Cuba has changed, particularly from Cuba. In the beginning, most of the sites, even the 'official' sites, were hosted in Canada.

Although I no longer 'need' to do this, I've been fascinated with the Cuba story since I was a 1950s schoolkid seeing the photos in Life of the scary revolutionaries in the mountains. And since high school, practicing ducking under my school desk during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And since hanging out at a Cuban restaurant in Washington, DC, in the late '60s/early '70s. And certainly since moving to Miami during the Mariel boatlift and having coworkers who were Cuban exiles, later the children of Cuban exiles, and helping cover the news about Cuba and Cuban Americans there for over 20 years. I don't have a personal connection to Cuba, and wasn't allowed to go there. But it's a place that I have learned to care about. And I hope this can be a help to news researchers who need a start on finding information.

I'll try to get the rest of the links up to date soon. (Oh, yes, and I added a blog section. Looking for a few more, although since there are plenty of good blog links on some of the other blog sites, like Cuban-American Pundits, I don't need to link to all.)



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