Friday, February 29, 2008

Reflections on The Wire

All during this season's episodes I've been enjoying the discussions from the day and week after each one at Slate, from TV Club writers David Plotz and Jeffrey Goldberg.

Here's one from this week that just tickles me, with the discussion of Clay Davis' (cast member Isiah Whitlock)'s trademark "sheee-it", but especially because they discuss an ongoing series in the Philadelphia Inquirer prompted by....a murder of a homeless man. What serendiptity. (Especially since the Inquirer's editor is Bill Marimow).

Even more, there's a link to an 'obituary' of Omar Little, the fictional 'robin hood' of The Wire's cast. In a city room scene in the last episode the murder is mentioned in a list of possible crime briefs but rejected because a fire story would require all the room left. Wouldn't it be something if a newspaper really could write like this about the real characters in the city?

The 'obit' has YouTube links to some of Omar's best scenes. Why is this the best show on TV, and Omar the best character? Just this one scene will explain.



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