Thursday, March 06, 2008

When registration doesn't work

Yesterday I clicked on a Miami Herald story in a separate browser tab and got the message: Welcome to the new Miami Herald registration system. Yeah, yeah, I had to reregister a few weeks ago when my old ID and password wouldn't work and they may have sent me a password update but because my email at time of original registration was, I couldn't get it.

So, I had to look up the ID I'd registered under this time. Minor, but annoying, hassle. It would be so easy just to stop going there altogether.

Over at the south Florida blog, Some Cranky Guy, he's pretty pissed too:
I am morally, philosophically and perhaps even religiously against such systems. If these weasel turds thing I am going to give up my private information just to read the news, they can go suck a fat Buddist’s toe.

(Via South Florida Daily Blog.)

(Update:) Even worse, the Herald's registration system is unreliable. Note that 'Cranky Guy' comments again: Miami Herald Free Again?

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