Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weekend roundup

Just a few research links this week, but they are some good ones:

  • Le Numero, address and phone directory from France. Find by name, type, number, address, or proximity.
  • Readable Laws: new Wiki makes federal legislation easier to understand. Not much here yet but this project is from News Assignment/Jay Rosen; following the 'Assignment Zero' experiment, they're also now working on Off the Bus, "campaign coverage for people who aren't in the club" (hosted by Huffington Post). Just posted: Jay Rosen's tips for Off the Bus bloggers.
  • Federal Contractor Misconduct Database from POGO, Project On Government Oversight.
  • BizJournals Business Profiles, beta test of these profiles from American City Business Journals, via Sacramento Biz Journal site.
  • Skin Deep cosmetics database from Environmental Working Group, evaluates and rates over 700 sunscreens, finding 83% either don't protect from sun or contain harmful ingredients.

    Housekeeping note: blogging may be light the next week as I travel North.


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