Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Culinary diversions

I don't know why I find this so compelling, but this 'Minimalist' column from the New York Times has me reading it over and over: Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less. First, I guess, that there really are 101 meals here (at least, if you add a salad, bread, and/or a side). And that the last one is: hotdogs with beans.
Some of these I wouldn't attempt. But there are some fun ideas here, or reminders of simple meal pleasures. And, they really are simple:
11 Warm olive oil in a skillet with at least three cloves sliced garlic. When the garlic colors, add at least a teaspoon each of cumin and pimentón. A minute later, add a dozen or so shrimp, salt and pepper. Garnish with parsley, serve with lemon and bread.

On another culinary note, the Dallas Morning News has what may be the first published recipe for Joe's Stone Crab's Key lime pie. Or at least they say "For many years, the recipe for Joe's famous Key lime pie was a secret, but now the family is letting that secret out."

Along with the Miami Beach restaurant's recipe, the article links to Nellie & Joe's key lime juice company's website with recipes from Nellie's Kitchen.

As a long-time Key lime pie baker (My tree grew from Key limes given me by a friend who'd gotten the seeds for her tree from Key West in the 1940s) I like the Joe's recipe, especially the addition of the zest, which many recipes leave out. But some of the recipes on the Nellie & Joe's site are good too. The Abraham's Key lime pie is closest to my recipe, although I use two whole eggs instead of 3 yolks, and less cream cheese. I also like the 'no cook' Cool Whip pie recipe, which I made for a few years after picking up a similar recipe at Gardners' market. The 'lo fat' recipe, with yogurt instead of eggs, is intriguing too.

I miss my Key lime tree but have found that the Mexican limones sold in local markets here (usually too green but occasionally found close to ripe) can do the job.


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