Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting out

Here's a wonderfully logical essay from The Populist Party's Michael Boldin: Top-Ten Reasons to Get Out of Iraq. Now!
Starting with:
10. The U.S. military has absolutely no right, whether legal or moral, to be killing people who live in Iraq. It has no right to even be in Iraq. Why is this? Because neither the Iraqi government nor the Iraqi people ever attacked the United States. This fact makes the war in Iraq an optional one, not a necessary one.
And including:
3. We fought in Vietnam to stop the "domino effect" of communism, but when the communists took over, the world didn't come to an end. We "saved" Kuwait from an evil dictator, but it's still run by a family dynasty that has no interest in liberty for the people. We waged war on Afghanistan to capture Osama bin Laden. Oddly, rights violations are still rampant and Afghani opium production has soared since the invasion. And then, of course, we have all the "good" done in Iraq.
2. You don't bring freedom to people by waging war on their cities and towns, and you don't protect innocent people by killing innocent people. It is a crime to aggressively take the life of another person. There is no murder of innocent people that can be justified by claiming that it was necessary for the "greater good."

Best of all:
If government should be playing any role at all in foreign affairs, it should be only to keep us out of wars. Their sole job is to ensure that this country will not be attacked so you and your family can live in peace.

And, if you're wondering what anyone in Congress is doing about it (aren't we all?), here's a good summary from TPM Cafe's Election Central: Here It Is! A Handy Guide To All The Democrats' Plans To End Iraq War.

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  • I am sure you could find thousands of reasons for leaving Irag now.
    Thats on top of the thousands of reasons that have names,familes children and once had a life in front of them.
    If we dont leave soon, there will be thousands more. the USA and UK have suffere so much also, in terms of reputation. even Russia now, does not care about pulling out of certain treaties.
    They have no respect anymore.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 AM  

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