Thursday, June 21, 2007

Voices of reason

Over at Boing Boing, a link to a company selling t-shirts that remind us how a government and society should react to threats: Keep Calm and Carry On: sage advice from a sane wartime government (the UK during WW II).

And, Digby Speaks. Should have known Digby, who blogs at Hullaballo, is a she. In her first public speaking appearance, she discusses progressive bloggers and blogging:
We’ve been called everything from “some guy named Vinnie in a bathrobe in an efficiency apartment” to “blogofascists.” Some critics dismiss us as useless elites, the “Metropolitan Opera crowd,” or a noisy Upper West Side cocktail party for the college graduate class...
...The netroots – the progressive blogosphere – consists of a very lively and disparate group of citizens who are political observers, activists, readers, writers, entrepreneurs, communicating and organizing via the Internet. We have opera-loving liberals from Georgia, NASCAR-loving progressives from Chicago, and Grateful Dead-loving Democrats from Florida.
...Democracy suffers when not being held accountable by a vigorous press. that drove people like me to the Internet, to research, investigate, and write about assaults on democracy itself.



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