Thursday, June 21, 2007

Politics and the Sopranos

Thank goodness for Current.TV, where I finally got to see the Hillary 'Sopranos' campaign ad this morning; I'd tried, heaven knows, but videos are a problem for people like me with nothing but dialup available.

But I've been enjoying the comments on them, and still reading comments on the Sopranos ending, too. The one from Bob Harris is amazing, and has attracted lots and lots of attention. We're all fascinated by symbolism, and Harris seems to have found it all.

So far, though, this is the most hilarious comment I've read on the whole Clinton ad thing, from Melissa McEwan at Shakesville: My vagina is not an onion ring. It refers to Ann Althouses's take on the commercial, which...well, if you like symbolism:
The man wants the hole-shaped item, and the woman forbids it. She insists that he confine himself to the phallic item, which has been sliced down to puny, thin stick form. The man looks at it sadly, and the woman tells him it's for his own good. If you don't see sexual imagery there, you exist on a very narrow band of human imagination....



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