Saturday, June 16, 2007

Weekend update: More research links from the week

Some very useful links this week:

  • Rendition: Jurist collects news, links, documents on secret prisons/detainee transport.
  • Airport Performance Calculator from US News and World Report.

    Governments, Politics:
  • LOUIS: new database from Sunlight Foundation that makes government documents searchable. Congressional Record, bills and resolutions, hearings, and reports; Presidential Documents; Federal Register, GAO reports. More to come. And here is a page with links to other Sunlight Labs projects. Thanks, Derek.
  • State Embryonic and Fetal Research Laws, roundup from Natl Conference of State Legislatures.
  • Federal Elections Commission: Presidential campaign contributions by state.

  • Openness & Accountability: A Study of Transparency in Global Media Outlets, from the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda at UMd's Merrill School. Ranks The Guardian highest, with nearly perfect ratings, and the NY Times second, good in everything but Reporting Policies. Hmm.

  • WhatsYoName: search for people in social networks.
  • Who's Who of Women and the Environment from UN Environment Programme.

  • Via Al Tompkins, great reference sources from Society of Environmental Journalists: Climate change: A guide to the information and disinformation, including 50+ Really Serious Scientist Sources on Climate (contact info).
  • Zoho Creator, new from Zoho, maker of free online tools like spreadsheets and word processor, now offers this tool that can turn your data into online databases.

    Public Records:
  • Free online directories of state county and local officials collected by PI Buzz.
  • Newspaper databases of public records collected by PI Buzz.
  • Farm Subsidy Database: find farm businesses, individuals receiving subsidies, by state. Side includes a blog with farm, subsidies news.


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