Sunday, June 24, 2007

More research links from the week

Just a few this week:

  • 2007 SIPRI Arms Trade Database now available for free online search.
  • Iran's military strategy: bibliography from library at AF's Air University.
  • The Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, from Library of Congress.
  • Sustain Lane provides a free, searchable knowledge base of 105 best practice documents and a secure directory of participating government officials from over 400 cities, counties and states.
  • SciTalks features videos of speeches from scientists, including Noam Chomsky, Richard Feynman, Nicolai Tesla, and many more. More speeches to come, in HumTalks, GovTalks, and BizTalks.

  •, new international flight and fare finder.
  • Researching Companies Online, good tutorial recommended by Dan Gillmor, from Web trainer Debbie Flanagan of Ft. Lauderdale. Also here: Web search tutorial. These may be a bit out of date.

    Public Records:
  • New York local civil courts search; these courts now available; more will be added.


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