Friday, July 06, 2007

Health care and terrorism

Hard to see this connection, but there's some reaction to a comment on Fox News that said the UK terrorism plot is a result of national health care; here's Think Progress and Political Animal.

The Raw Story takes it further, compiling blog comments on Michael Moore's Sicko, including one claiming the doctors in the plot "...are not Jihadists at all but simply men driven insane by their employer?"

There's also an interesting discussion going on about the widely held concept that terrorism is caused by lack of education, while the latest plot involved doctors. In the Wall St. Journal Online, David Wessel writes Princeton Economist Says Lack of Civil Liberties, Not Poverty, Breeds Terrorism. More on this on Freakonomics.

On the topic of Sicko, here's a thoughtful column in Firedoglake, SiCKO: Ask The Right Question First. What a concept: instead of trying to find a way to provide universal health INSURANCE, why aren't we looking at a much simpler system of universal health CARE, eliminating the middlemen (well, we know why not, but....):
Because that’s what health care is: an essential public service to which every person (not just citizens) is entitled, just like police and fire protection, and health and safety inspectors, and schools and dozens of other essential public services.
...That’s what Democrats should offer to the American people. We can figure out how to pay for it, and how to make the transition, just as our friends and neighbors did, in committee hearings later. But first things first.

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