Friday, April 06, 2007

Who's watching the food supply?

Some interesting things are coming up over the pet food story, including worries about the FDA:

From PETA researcher Alka Chandna, via McClatchy: FDA fails to protect pets.

In the Horses Ass blog: Does FDA Spell FEMA? which raises some disturbing points:
While the FDA focused on pet food, it was left to persistent bloggers and journalists to slowly tease out the full scope of this potential public health disaster. Wheat gluten is not an obscure feed stock, but rather a common ingredient widely used in a large number of processed foods and baked goods. And while federal regulations distinguish between “food grade” and “feed grade,” the overwhelming majority of wheat gluten distributed in this country is sold as the former.

A year ago, Public Citizen derided the political appointment of an FDA Commissioner: Von Eschenbach is Not Qualified to Lead the U.S.Food and Drug Administration:
...yet another Bush appointee whose main reason for being selected is that he is a family friend, someone who has been warmly embraced by the regulated industries – especially the pharmaceutical industry – and someone who has been and will continue to be loyal to the White House agenda.

Don't miss What's really in pet food? from the Animal Protection Institute.

And, Sheila Lennon pointed out several links, including links to pet food recipes, earlier this week.


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