Monday, March 26, 2007

Hunt's Miami connection and JFK

Rolling Stone has a fascinating report on interviews with St. John Hunt, son of Everette Howard Hunt, who died recently. (The reporter says Hunt called his son 'Saint' at times...but is the full name pronounced sinjun, as in one of James Bond's aliases?) The story: The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt.

Hunt the younger has had an interesting life himself, quite different from the father's. But one of the tales he has to tell is compelling, about the time his dying Dad drew him a picture of the supposed link between Lyndon Baines Johnson and whoever assassinated John F. Kennedy. One of the people in the chain: Antonio Veciana, founder and longtime head of the anti-Castro paramilitary group Alpha 66. Along with, of course, Frank Sturgis and the other usual suspects.

The son paints a picture of his distant father, too, that gives more insight on the man:
"He loved the glamorous life, cocktail parties, nightclubbing, flirting, all that," Saint says. "He was unfaithful to my mom, but she stayed with him. He was a swinger. He thought of himself as a cool dude, suave, sophisticated, intellectual. He was Mr. Smooth. A man of danger. He was perfect for the CIA. He never felt guilt about anything."
...Back home, E. Howard would slap Benny Goodman's monster swing-jazz song "Sing, Sing, Sing" on the turntable, and the two would listen to it endlessly. And then, sometimes, during the stomping Harry James horn solo, E. Howard would jump to his feet, snapping his fingers like some cool cat, pull back his shirt sleeves, lick his lips and play the air trumpet for all he was worth.

(Thanks to Sheila Lennon for the link.)

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