Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Citizen Journalism

Josh Micah Marshall and Paul Kiel of TPM Muckracker decided that reading the entire download of administration e-mails about the U.S. Attorney dismissals was too much for two people to do. So they posted a request to readers, asking them to each read a few emails and report anything interesting in the comments. They did.

The most interesting thing so far? The discovery of an 18 day gap in the emails. Hmm. 18 days, 18 minutes? You'd swear Rose Mary Woods was still around....

Talking Points Memo has been on the attorneys story from the beginning.

The New York Sun reports on the research.

Via Romenesko, Doc Searls, and Sheila Lennon.

Also from Sheila, a link to a little folk music journalism, from Tom Paxton, who's always had a great take on the news of the day, from way back in the '60s til now:

Take a look at, and Click on the 'new short shelf-life song' to listen to Tom's latest on the Iraq war. Or download George W. Told The Nation from the download page:

Brilliant. Timely and true, with wonderful lines like this:
...we ride around in our humvees, listening to the Black-Eyed Peas, and speaking fondly of our president....

Sheila Lennon compares the chorus of this new song to a similar one about Lyndon Johnson back in the day. This one's a rewrite of 'Lyndon Johnson told the nation'. How things keep coming back.
(Next I'm going to download/listen to the one on the download page called 'In Florida'. Should be interesting.)

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