Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What it's come to

So this is how the war on terrorism is working, according to a couple new reports:

Salon has a guide, The Iraq insurgency for beginners, consisting of an interview with Evan Kohlmann of He's been studying the online writings, videos, interviews, etc. of insurgents and has come to some terrible conclusions: The insurgency is a result of the invasion and would stop once foreign troops left. The suicide bombings, however, are the work of al Qaeda, which is stronger now than it ever was in Iraq:
The hardcore true believers of al-Qaida at one time were probably 10 percent of the insurgent groups. Now they're 50 percent. Al-Qaida is growing in places it shouldn't.
...The idea of Western-style democracy in Iraq doesn't appeal to anyone. It was our own myth. We thought that if we get rid of Saddam Hussein, people would come together and celebrate and democracy would reign throughout the Middle East. The people who thought that up are people who think Iraq is like Texas. Iraq is not Texas.

There's much more. As to what might be a solution:
If we withdraw from Iraq right now, there's no doubt what will happen. First there's going to be a war for control of Baghdad and then once Baghdad is ripped to the ground, the battle is going to spread across Iraq.
...If I was going to invade Iraq, the first thing I would do is commission the top history experts, top geographical experts, top cultural experts, and sit them down at a table and say, "This is what I'm thinking about doing. Is this feasible?" That was never done. Nobody in their right mind would have taken a look at Bush's plan and said, "Oh, yeah, that's going to work."
...the best solution is not to have invaded at all.

Backing this up, The Council on Foreign Relations has issued a new analysis: Al-Qaeda's Resurrection.



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