Monday, March 05, 2007

Can't we all get along?

The public discourse is getting ugly again. Seems rare these days we have a respite from the foolishness.

Much uproar, of course, on Ann Coulter's latest, calling John Edwards a 'faggot' at last week's Conservative Political Action Committee conference. Not the first time she's said inflammatory things at this conference, and Digby lists them in this column. He responds to those conservatives who claim the left is filled with hatred, with this:
...that kind of disgusting rhetoric has been thoroughly acceptable in the highest reaches of the political establishment for years now and nobody but us unhinged liberals have said a word about it.

Facing South points to Coulter's rant as only one of the mean things said at the conference; Newt Gingrich had something controversial to say, too. Speaking of Hurricane Katrina victims, especially in New Orleans' 9th Ward, he said they were 'too undereducated and unprepared' to get out of the way of a hurricane.' Facing South's Chris Kromm disputes the statement.

For those who would rather believe the left is the source of the most hateful statements, Patterico lists some of them. Actually, a pretty comprehensive list. I'd bet if someone tried to compile right-wing hate quotes that list would be a whole lot longer.

Nevertheless, there's more than enough hatred to go around. It's this sort of thing that gets us nowhere and leads us to more nasty elections, wars, and continuing degredation of our culture.

One more thing. Digby also has a response to the Bush administration official who predicted gloom and doom on '60 Minutes' last night, saying we have to get rid of some of the services that help keep our poor and elderly afloat.



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